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Download the new WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad 2022 - a mythical application with amazing advantages

Download WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al-Aswad ABWhatsApp 2022 Apk latest version, the application of WhatsApp Ibn al-Hajj al- Aswad has been very popular recently among WhatsApp Plus users, because the application contains many features that you will not find in any version of WhatsApp Plus. 

When you download ABWhatsApp 2022 , you will be able to add statuses for one hour, control privacy, and prevent deleting statuses and messages from your friends. In this article, you can download the latest version of AB WhatsApp.


Download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad

Download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad The new ABWhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp plus that contains additional features of the official WhatsApp application such as privacy control, changing the chat interface and the main screen interface.

 WhatsApp-AB has 5 versions: WhatsApp Ibn Al Hajj Al Aswad, WhatsApp Ibn Al Hajj Al Ahmar , WhatsApp Ibn Al Hajj Al Annabi , WhatsApp Ibn Al Hajj Al Akhdar and  WhatsApp Ibn Al Hajj Al Azraq.

All developed versions of WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj enjoy a high speed and are characterized by being free from technical problems and breakdowns when downloading the black WhatsApp. In addition, the program is light in size, and the last black WhatsApp is 100% safe when using it. 

And it is not limited to this only, but also made the privacy features of the black WhatsApp trusted by users of WhatsApp Gold , which spread the modified versions among WhatsApp lovers and their use of the application and downloaded with confidence and securely. All of these versions work alongside the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

The most important question, do you know what WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj is? ABWhatsApp?

The WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj program is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Abdul-Malik Al-Hajj and modified by the developer Abdul-Malik Ibn Al-Hajj. The WhatsApp applications and the black WhatsApp update ABN ALHAJ allow you to run five applications from the Ibn Al-Haj WhatsApp version with five different numbers on one device. WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Black and the rest of the wonderful versions are better with all their exclusive features and are distinguished by the addition of the plus features.

How does WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj differ from the rest of the versions of WhatsApp?

Add-ons for ABWhatsApp Black

  1. Virus Cut: This means that it will cut long messages and show (add more).
  2. Control the home screen and chat screen.
  3. Reverse and hide your arched chats.
  4. Allows you to add status for 5 minutes.
  5. Switch accounts to 10 different accounts and numbers.
  6. Adding different styles to the main screen lines, status lines, and the top bar of the chat screen.
  7. Adding a ban on taking pictures from inside WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj with the ability to cancel it.
  8.  Browse social networking sites and networks by swiping in the main screen of the WhatsApp screen 2021.
  9.  Change the loading of your voice while sending audio clips with new and funny sounds. 
  10.  The feature of changing the sent and received messages with changing the time and duration of sending them.
  11. It is characterized by the addition of sending distinctive and varied emoji.
  12. It has the advantage of adding changing message fonts and emojis.
  13. It is characterized by the addition of the Holy Qur'an and Islam.
  14. It is characterized by adding a quick chat to enter to message anyone.
  15. It has the advantage of adding a chat scroll right to delete it or left for voice or video calling.
  16. And many, many more features and benefits to discover on your own.

Download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad AB1 WhatsApp

Download the new version of ABWhatsApp Apk V21 Black with a direct link. 

AB WhatsApp Black App

Download AB1 WhatsApp Black

Information to download the latest black WhatsApp package.
Issue 21.
53MB in size when downloading.


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