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2023 applications Download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj ABWhatsApp green with a direct link

Download WhatsApp Ibn Hajj Al Akhdar ABWhatsApp

The version of WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar , one of the modified versions of ABWhatsApp from WhatsApp black, red, blue and maroon, developed by the developer Abdul Malik Al-Haj.

To which Ibn Al-Hajj added features that encouraged users to download them on the phone, and among the most prominent of these programs are WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad and WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar .

WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar

The style and shape of the application varies according to its color, and each version of it has its own theme only, and WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj has many wonderful features and many additions, such as that it contains a special section for learning Arabic without consuming the Internet.

WhatsApp Ibn Hajj Al-Akhdar, the latest version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al- Akhdar is not only limited to learning the Arabic language only, but there is a special section in the English language and also without connecting to the Internet, and by dragging the main WhatsApp screen of Ibn Al-Hajj without any complexity, you will be able to simply browse Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well.

It also includes a special section for entertainment through two interesting games that work without an Internet connection, from here you can download WhatsApp Ibn Hajj Al-Akhdar with a direct link.

Download ABWhatsApp green with a direct link.

WhatsApp download link with a direct link.

Now, let's learn about the latest features of downloading WhatsApp Ibn Hajj Al-Akhdar

It is known recently that developers are scrambling to develop software versions that are of high interest to users, and this is what happened with the official WhatsApp (the original version).

Only the programmers' frenzy, and the most prominent elite of developers in versions that gained wide fame spread in popular communities, including WhatsApp Omar, WhatsApp Al-Jaidi and WhatsApp Nasser.

The developer, Abdul-Malik Ibn Al-Hajj, was one of them through a very creative and beautiful icon, WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj AB3WhatsApp, and we are in the process of knowing the advantages of WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar, including:

  1. This version is characterized by the ability to add an automatic reply.
  2. Tag can be added from the home screen and the @ sign appears if anyone tagged you or replied to your message in the group.
  3. View the messages sent to the group for each member separately.
  4. WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar has the feature of scheduled messages.
  5. It has transparent mode.
It has the feature of deleting the message for everyone even after the passage of time.

Update the version of WhatsApp Hajj 2022


There are many updates to the versions of WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj 2022, and among those challenges.

  • Increasing the duration of the status time by an hour for some users of WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj.
  • Fix virus problems for Huawei phones.
  • Eliminate the problem of shaking when talking.
  • Fixed the problem of displaying the name of the person who viewed the status.
  • Addressing delays in sending messages.

WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj is the best WhatsApp program in all its versions

AB WhatsApp, the new version, the latest version, is the best option to download WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj against the ban in all its red colors, and WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj, green, black and burgundy, which are five versions, each one different from the other.

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