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talent marketing : What is the function of talent marketing?

 What is the function of talent marketing?

Many customers' understanding of Daren marketing is still at the stage of "finding a few KOLs to turn to advertisements". Since we are doing "talent marketing", we must first thoroughly understand what the talents can do for us.

In my opinion, there are a total of nine functions in talent marketing. The depth of our excavation of talent value determines how much value talent marketing will bring.

What is the function of talent marketing?

What is the function of talent marketing?

1. Brand exposure: spillable traffic

In 2020, TCP Thailand Red Bull entered the Chinese market. Through a huge matrix of engine products, including huge star map live broadcasts, topviews, challenges, etc., the topic volume reached 6.04 billion.

The challenge is an advertising product with talents as the core, attracting users with talents and benefits. In the past, it was difficult for us to imagine that a marketing campaign could achieve billions of traffic.

The biggest advantage of getting people to drive traffic is that as long as the content is of sufficient quality, the traffic will "overflow".

2. Product planting: products with personality endorsements

"Promoting" a product and "recommending" a product can lead to completely different results.

The title of a big variety show, and the opening of an app that buys out a day, these are all brands "selling" products, and any "selling" will make consumers wary.

And we are looking for a talent to create a content, because the talent is "recommending" products, because the talent has a personality endorsement, so the recommendation of the talent can dispel the fans' purchase concerns.

At present, the ways of planting grass are becoming more and more diverse, such as visiting the store to check in, new product announcements, live broadcast platforms... The integration of content and business is deepening, and there are more and more new attempts in the method of planting grass.

3. Brand endorsement: Talent VS celebrity spokesperson

Both celebrities and celebrity spokespersons can endorse the brand. What is the difference between the two?

There are two endorsements of celebrity endorsers.

One is to make the brand "nationalized". For example, the Tuanyou APP asked Jia Nailiang and Yue Yunpeng as spokespersons, which is to use their popularity to make the brand famous.

The primary function of celebrity endorsers is to dress up an unknown brand as a big brand.

Second, celebrity spokespersons can raise the value of a brand. For example, Perfect Diary found Zhou Xun as its spokesperson. Zhou Xun is not a traffic star, but a "texture" star. Zhou Gongzi may not be able to bring goods, but he can raise the value of the brand.

The endorsement value of Daren is very different from that of celebrity endorsers. Daren provides "expert value".

For example, there is a cutting-edge skin care brand established in 2019 called AOEO. The brand advocates "believing in the power of the formula", so it also targets the "ingredient party" crowd.

How can such a professional feel quickly win the trust of consumers? Its approach is talent marketing. AOEO has found a lot of evaluation KOLs through a huge number of star maps to strengthen their endorsements, such as @A Chun is a quality reviewer, @ Dad Evaluation, @ China Quality News Network, etc., and quickly established brand trust.

4. Trend making: the key to detonating fashion

In "Tipping Point," Malcolm deconstructs the popular code of things. He believes that ideas, behaviors, information, and products often spread rapidly like infectious disease outbreaks.

Among them, one of the core reasons for detonating the popularity is the promotion of "key people". He divided these popular "key people" into three types: liaisons, experts, and salesmen.

A "liaison" is someone who has a wide range of friends, an "expert" is an expert in a field, and a "salesman" is someone who is willing to share. In the current communication context, the three roles are all the same role, that is, "talent".

Most of the experts are experts in a certain field, and they are "experts"; they have many fans at the same time, and they are "liaisons"; they become famous by sharing content, and they are natural "salesmen"...

Therefore, Internet celebrity products are popular among celebrities and consumers, not the credit of opening screens and patches. Trendy shoes, trendy play, trendy clothing and other brands that need to lead the trend are inseparable from talent marketing.

5. Creative Production: An Important Link in the Content Supply Chain

Mix and cut the materials released by Daren, and then process them into information flow materials. Mixed cut talent material has higher conversion power than other materials, which is an open secret in the industry.

At present, relying on talents to output creative materials has become an important part of Party A's content production chain.

Daren's daily grass planting materials, Daren's store visit materials, and screen recordings in Daren's live broadcast room can all be cross-cut into more creative materials for subsequent delivery.

From this point of view, it is unfair to measure the ROI of talent marketing only by one content planting or one live broadcast, because we do not take into account the long-tail value of talent marketing.

6. Brand Breaking: Breaking the Crowd Barriers of Brands

Daren is already a mature ecosystem for media platforms. The most conspicuous sign of a mature ecology is that the species in this ecology will gradually be subdivided.

Taking the huge star map as an example, there are already 166 sub-categories of Daren, and many unexpected sub-categories have been born.

For example, there is an expert named Wang Tiechui, who now has more than 10 million fans. Her content is to find the uncle to play chess on the roadside every day, and play chess all over the roadside chess stalls.

The refinement of the talent category is a great thing for brands. This means that any type of product can be marketed by experts in related fields.

The brand breaking circle does not enter the public circle from the niche circle, but goes out from the original small circle and connects more small circles.

For example, the core target group of Dyson vacuum cleaners used to be housewives, but later found that pet owners have a big problem, that is, pet hair loss, they also need vacuum cleaners. As a result, Dyson communicated especially at the pet group level and achieved a brand breakout.

7. User Conversion: Convert Daren fans into brand users

When Daren successfully helped the brand to bring goods, the brand turned Daren's fans into its own consumers. However, this group of consumers may only be a one-time early adopter. It is best for us to turn this group of fans into brand fans and achieve long-term user management.

How to achieve it? Brands need to do three things:

    1. Create talent-style content, so that fans of the talent do not reject or even like your activities;
    2. Lay out behavioral links to allow users to easily enter the brand's private domain from experts;
    3. There must be exclusive talent benefits, so that fans are motivated to participate in activities in your private domain.

Suppose a beauty brand has customized a "Qishi Spirit" co-branded suit for Li Jiaqi. To get this suit, fans need to go to the brand's private domain to complete a "Qishi Spirit" quiz.

When the talent grows their own fans, they often rely on the mutual push between the talent, such as mutual account push, ranking, live broadcast, etc. Brands can also learn from relevant methods to migrate Daren fans into their own brand accounts.

8. Commodity testing: from marketing to business assistance

I have a client who is a milk brand. The main flavor concepts of other milk brands are "fragrant", but the milk of this brand is mild in taste. Obviously, its taste is not consistent with the good milk that the public knows.

However, customers found their own "new selling points" in the process of talent marketing. She found that many of Daren's fans would leave a message saying that although the taste of this milk is a bit bland, the taste is sweet and the baby likes to drink it more.

I think all new products can try to use talent marketing to discover their true selling points. This kind of "selling point collection" work can only be handed over to market research companies before, but the statistical intentions of the research companies are too obvious, and many conclusions are unreliable. Fans' feedback on Daren is obviously more natural and real.

Daren can not only help us collect selling points, but Daren marketing can also help us select popular products.

If you have a sparkling water, you have developed ten flavors at first, such as oolong white peach, coconut milk, Calpis, sour plum soup, etc. Which of these flavors is more "sellable" and can be used as the main flavor?

Selling directly on the shelves is an option, and it is also an option to let experts sell in a small range. Experts can let fans choose their own flavors to buy, and the flavor that fans choose the most is the most attractive one.

This method can effectively reduce the cost of trial and error, and have a more accurate prediction for the promotion of new products.

9. Industrial Incubation: Incubate brands with experts

A few years ago, a client I served entered the wine market. This company is very powerful. The boss was one of the behind-the-scenes bosses of the domestic fast-moving consumer goods giant. But after a few years, the brand can only be said to be tepid.

At the same time as this red wine brand, there is also a company, or a person, her name is Drunk Goose. In 2020, the sales of Drunk Goose Niang will be 350 million, and the membership of the red wine subscription system will be 100,000+. The key is that this business model has been recognized by the capital market.

It can be said that the emergence of super-talents has changed the previous business model. The transformation of the clothing industry by Zhang Dayi and Ruhan, and the transformation of the live broadcast industry by Weiya and Qianxun are all models of the C2B model.

In the past, we have products first, and then find traffic. Now there is traffic first, and then products are incubated.

I think that some brands can change their business ideas in the past, find top talents to incubate products, co-create products with talents, talents make new products out of the circle with traffic, and brands provide back-end supply chain and services.

From letting experts promote a brand to incubating a brand with experts and sharing the profits of the brand.

The above are the nine functions of Daren Marketing. From the most basic brand exposure to the most complex industry incubation, Daren is not only an advertising tool, but a commercial weapon that can affect business.

The depth of our excavation of the value of talents determines how much value the talents will bring.


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