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What is a 301 redirect? Importance of a 301

What is 301 forwarding? Why forward?

301 Redirect , also known as 301 redirect, is the permanent migration of an old URL to a new URL. The transfer process is not only the URL jump, but also the page weight and traffic, which will be transferred together. Without this action, search engines will judge the old URL and the new URL as separate content.
Forwarding is actually "the process of jumping from one URL to another", for example:
when you enter /service/responsive_seo.php
, it will jump to https://www.ibest Why is /rwd/responsive-seo.php named
301? Maybe you may not have heard of 301 forwarding, but you must often see "Error404" that the webpage cannot be found. They are all "Http Status Codes", also known as HTTP Reverse Codes, which are used to inform search engines of the status of URLs. Common Http status codes are as follows:

  representative status
200 Connection is normal
301 permanent forwarding
302 Temporary forwarding
404 Check this page
503 Temporary server overload

When is a 301 forwarding required?

What is a 301 redirect, a 302 redirect?  Importance of a 301 redirect for website review

Websites that require 301 forwarding usually encounter the following situations: changing the URL structure , website revision , duplicate content

1. URL structure changes

The website may need to adjust the URL structure due to the change of product classification. For example,
the old URL structure is: "domain + article name"
[A URL] /what-is-seoNew
URL The structure is: "domain + website unit + article name"
[B URL] /what-is-seo
In order to ensure that users can see the page after the URL structure is changed content, you have to jump from the A URL to the B URL .

2. Website revision

When the website needs to be redesigned, it will also encounter URL update problems, or even change the domain. However, website redesigns often ignore the importance of forwarding. If the SEO operation of the old website has accumulated good traffic and page authority, the action of forwarding is absolutely indispensable. In addition to the content of the old website pages will be covered, the traffic that has been in operation for a long time will also disappear overnight.

3. Duplicate content

Google scores a website's content quality, relevance, and page weight as a reference for search rankings. If there are a large number of pages with duplicate content, these weights and scores will be scattered to different URLs, and may even be judged as plagiarism and punished, resulting in a drop in ranking. Therefore, the URL of the duplicate content must be redirected to the same URL by using 301 as much as possible.

The difference between 301 forwarding and 302 forwarding

301 redirection is permanent, 302 redirection is temporary. Unlike 301 redirects, which direct traffic and page weights to new URLs, 302 redirects only have the function of redirecting old URLs, and will not transfer page weights. Usually used in a temporary situation, such as the situation in the website maintenance, a page must be transferred to the maintenance page first.

The relationship between 301 forwarding, 302 forwarding and SEO, why is it important?

As mentioned above, if the old webpage has been in operation for a long time, the page weight and traffic are the accumulation of SEO operations. If 301 forwarding is not set, the page weight and traffic of the old page will not be passed, and the new page will have to be re-accumulated. 302 forwarding, on the other hand, can temporarily retain traffic. In the long run, users will easily mistake the temporarily redirected URL as the correct URL. If the page weight has not been transferred, the ranking of the old URL will still be affected. Therefore, SEO still mainly refers to 301 for redirection.

First clarify the purpose of forwarding and then operate

Relocation is not difficult, but it will greatly affect the ranking. Therefore, whether it is 301 relocation or 302 relocation, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of use, and then choose the appropriate method. Only the right choice can bring maximum benefits to the website operation.


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