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What are the three levels of network marketing?

 What are the three levels of network marketing?

Internet marketing is based on modern marketing theory, mainly by means of Internet technology to achieve the purpose of marketing. Network marketing is an important part of an enterprise's overall marketing strategy and plays an important role in the development of an enterprise. Simply put, it is to use the Internet to do marketing, the network is only a carrier, and marketing is the core. 

What are the three levels of network marketing?

So, what are the three levels of network marketing? Let's find out together next! ​1.

levels of network marketing Strategic level

​Network marketing is mainly guided by user needs, making an overall and long-term plan for the company's network marketing tasks, goals, and plans and measures to achieve the goals, and putting them into practice and control. ​2.

Strategy layer

​Strategy layer mainly refers to the need for enterprises to adopt different marketing strategies according to their different positioning in the market, including brand strategy, page strategy, product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, service strategy, etc. Wait. The strategy must be consistent with the strategy, and at the same time, the corresponding plan must be developed around the core of the enterprise. ​3.

Tactical layer

​When a company has a strategy, it needs to implement the tactics. The tactical layer must select the appropriate tactical method around the strategy, so as to formulate a reasonable plan, and then execute it. Such as SEO, SEM, Weibo, forums, etc., these are all tactical methods.

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