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How to write SEO Title and Description (Web TDK)?


What is TDK? What does it have to do with SEO?

how to write seo title and description

The TDK of the web page refers to:

  1. Title-Title
  2. Description - description
  3. Keyword-Keywords

TDK writing is the most important part of SEO. After completing the article, a good TDK can help search engines to identify the topic of the website/article, quickly index it, and attract viewers to click.

Since the purpose of writing TDK is for SEO optimization, then how to write it by grasping the key points?
First of all, we have to think about "matching degree of core keywords", "title length" and "frequency of keyword occurrence", and think about users' searches. Habits and needs.
Only in this way can you write copy that is not only conducive to search engine recognition, but also catches the reader's eye.


Introduction to TDK and Word Count Specifications

Title title tag: 30 Chinese characters

The length of the article title must be controlled at about 50 to 60 characters (25 to 30 Chinese characters). If it is used as the title of the website, in addition to the search keyword, it can be distinguished by the link line " - " and the bottom line " _ ".

Title title tag: 30 Chinese characters , how to write seo title and description


Description Description tag: 80 Chinese characters

Description is a condensed introduction to the article, which can be said to be a supplementary description of the Title, suitable for putting in longer keywords. It is recommended to condense the essence of the webpage content as much as possible in the first paragraph of the webpage description, focusing on 130~160 characters (65~80 Chinese characters). Recently, Google has increased the proportion of Description's algorithm, so the importance of this text can be said to be one of the key elements of SEO success or failure! The description is relatively unrestricted and must be within 80 Chinese characters. Google will determine the number of words before and after the semantic extraction to meet the user's search needs.

Description Description tag: 80 Chinese characters , how to write seo title and description


Keyword keyword tags: unlimited number of groups, but not too many

Although Google has made it clear that Keywords are not included in the SEO score, other search engines still refer to this field to some extent. The fastest way to collect is to search directly on google. The top five recommended words are basically the hot searches in this field. Or go to the industry's repeated use of words to do analysis, can also effectively collect applicable keywords. When installing Keyword, you only need to select 3 core keywords of the website. Use half-shaped commas to separate the word groups. Don't be greedy, write the location of the article clearly, and you can't find it compared to a bunch of jerky words. The focus is even stronger.

A complete collection of creative TDK copywriting, every article is bursting!

how to write seo title and Description - Before thinking about the content, you might as well locate the user's search habits and needs. Those high-traffic articles are largely due to the attractiveness of the title. Therefore, a headline that catches the eye and hits the nail on the head is crucial.
Depending on the nature of the product/service/article, etc., the title of the article will be presented in different ways. The content of the title should also try not to use a general description, and must be refined for specific users.


1. Lifestyle headlines

With life as the title, readers are more likely to resonate. This kind of title is very emotional and must be integrated into its own situation to be effective.

  • Ex1: Through these three business skills, I married the goddess in my heart.
  • Ex2: After staying up late and reading 10 SEO expert books, I finally sorted out the strongest SEO strategy
  • . Ex3: After three months of instant noodles, I finally got the website ranking up. span

2. Explosive headlines

Articles with less professionalism are suitable for such eye-catching headlines, and they must leave suspense.

  • Ex1: After being rejected for half a year in a row, rely on these three tricks to write an article that the owner is madly grabbing!
  • Ex2: Because of these misunderstandings, the company lost millions of orders?
  • Ex3: After operating SEO, the company's performance has doubled by 50%!

3. Rhetorical headlines

The rhetorical question is to directly amplify the doubts in the reader, let them resonate, reflect and rationalize the headline first. Increase curiosity for this. This kind of title is not difficult to write, and the mode of one question and one answer is the best copy.

  • Ex1: Can SEO be self-taught? 30-day SEO strategy analysis!
  • Ex2: Why do you still fail to learn SEO after taking so many courses?
  • Ex3: Should I do SEO, or spend money on advertising?

4. Narrative headlines

Simple and violent. Put the main point of your article directly on the title. It belongs to the honest and honest type of title, and often this type of title can gain the trust of readers. Correctly guide the thinking and release goodwill, in the title world where the world is afraid of chaos, it has become a clear stream.

  • Ex1: If you want to do a good job in SEO, you must not only do TDK, but also analyze the user's thinking
  • Ex2: Make good use of links, so that you can easily operate SEO
  • Ex3: Several reasons why the website should not be changed randomly

how to write SEO title and Description : How to put TDK on the website?

The last technical question, TDK has been drawn up, how to put it on the website? This depends on the background management system of the web page! A
good web page background management system must be able to customize TDK for each article, so as to avoid repetition, which is misunderstood by Google as the same article. The web design
of Abes includes the back-end management of the whole station, allowing you to easily manage the content and install TDK!


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