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 What is backlinks in SEO example

backlinks : What is backlinks in SEO example؟ 

Backlinks are actually declarations inside the target document . In other words, a regular link says "point to document B" in document A, while a backlink says "make document A point to me" in document B.

Suppose that the link to B contained in the web document A is named "AB", then this "AB" is a backlink for B.

What are the types of backlinks in the SEO example?how to get backlinks to my website

Backlinks to my website

 For a web document, all links from other documents are called "backlinks". The more backlinks to my website, the higher the 'popularity' or 'support rate' of the site.

What are the types of backlinks in the SEO example?

  1. In -site links : There are two types, one is actual, and the other is virtual; one is designed for browsers, and the other is designed for search engines.

  2. Links to mirror sites: There are two types, one is a mirror site with an international domain name, and the other is a " bridge page " made using free space.

  3. Friendship links ( exchange links ).

  4. Self-help links.

  5. blog link.

  6. wiki links. X. Tqc

  7. guestbook link.

  8. Forum link.

  9. Web Directory.

  10. Search results of search engines .

  11. (11) Citation Log.

how to get backlinks to my website

A strategic menu showing how to get backlinks to my website
list strategy:

  1. Create a title like "35 Tips to Improve Baidu Ranking Quickly". This kind of article is often regarded as an authoritative article and is reprinted and cited a lot, and the referrer will link to such an article.

  2. 2. Write a "10 Tips for Helping You". Very easy to get backlinks.

  3. Compile a list of references on a topic, such as: 35 Tips for Increasing Backlinks.

  4. Summarize the top ten mysteries of a particular industry.

  5. Make a list of industry experts. If you can impress these experts and make the project look authoritative, they may thank you and point you to the link.

How to get backlinks to my website with authoritative content

There are many good practices that can be followed in the pursuit of how to get backlinks to my website through trusted content.

  • 1. Write the content of the article simple and easy to understand, so that more people can spread it for you.

  • 2. Use as few grammar or spelling mistakes as possible. Links to authoritative sites take this seriously.

  • 3. Add " [1] Privacy Policy" and "About Us" pages to the site to make it look more trustworthy. If it's a blog, putting a photo of you builds authority.

How to get backlinks to my website through a professional exchange or partner

  1. Ask your partner or business partner if they can give you a link, such as XX technical support: add a keyword link.

  2. Mutual referral links with partners.

  3. Exchange friendship links between peers, but pay attention to stay away from the link farm.

  4. Getting backlinks to my website from using skills to exchange links with alternative websites.  If an open helper is provided, the adoptive parent can leave a link.

  5. Provide free and beautiful templates for open source website systems such as content management system CMS or blog system. Don’t forget to add “Designed by ×××” to the template.

  6. Develop plug-ins for open source website programs, and leave author links.

  7. Develop some useful tools, publish and leave the download address, so that many people will reprint.

For the analysis of backlinks, the commonly used query tools are limited to quantitative analysis, that is, only the number of backlinks can be seen, but the exact source of backlinks cannot be seen.

 the theory of backlink precise query has been systematic and mature, and the practice of  search engine optimization has also proved the correctness of this theory.

Backlinks include links to external websites and internal links to your own website. For SEO, backlinks are a very important factor in obtaining good  search engine rankings , so the quality of backlinks directly affects the SEO of the overall website and the traffic that the website gets from search engines.

Issues of attention

  • 1. The anchor text of the backlink should not only be one or two core keywords, but also the unique text involved in the website.

  • Links are best from relevant web pages. This point should be satisfied as much as possible whether it is considered from the perspective of webmaster user experience or from the perspective of search engines.

  • Links appear in different positions on the web page. The text and navigation parts should be the best. The content of the website can also bold keywords.

  • The number of natural links is gradually increasing.

  • Links.

  • Link to content page. Some content pages of the website are well integrated with long-tail keywords , but their rankings in search engines are not high. At this time, more links are needed to connect to content pages to improve the ranking of content pages in search engines.

backlinks in SEO example

  • Links from related pages، This is increasingly important. It is generally believed that links from related pages have higher weight (not PR). So when looking for potential backlinks, you should spend time in websites that are relevant to your industry.

  • different Locations ، It is best that backlinks not all come from the  friendly link area at the bottom of the web page, but should be in different places on each web page. It could be the body, it could be  the site navigation, it could be at the bottom.

  • Pages from different PRs, Of course, backlinks from high PR pages are great, but if all your backlinks come from PR4, PR5 and above pages, it's probably not natural.

  • from a different IP address, The same is to make backlinks more natural. If a large percentage of your backlinks are limited to a few IP addresses or a few servers , then the traces of trying to manipulate search engines are heavier.


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