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company marketing - Why do talent marketing?


company marketing - Why do talent marketing?

Why do talent marketing?

Why do talent marketing?

1. Traffic warehousing, from media to individual

Teacher Luo Zhenyu said in an interview why he changed from a producer to a host. He said: "When you were on CCTV, you clearly felt that the value of the entire industry was turning to people."

In 2012, Mr. Luo founded Luo Ji Thinking. That year, Mr. Luo used 60 seconds of voice every morning to become the first batch of "knowledge masters" in China to profit from the Internet.

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In the past, media traffic was stored in advertising spaces and variety shows, but now it is stored in individual accounts. In the past, no matter how strong an individual was, it could not be stronger than an organization, but what about now? Wei Ya alone has driven billions of business, which was unimaginable before.

Traffic warehousing is changing from media to individuals. Conversely, all media that can release the value of individual traffic have a huge traffic pool and huge commercial value.

Douyin's more than 22 million creators have achieved revenue of 41.7 billion. This platform is the aggregation of individual traffic.

The revelation for brand owners is: if you want to detonate traffic on the Internet, you can’t just rely on purchasing resources to solve the problem, you must learn to release the value of individual traffic.

2. Traffic and traffic are not the same

Suppose you have a budget of 2 million and plan to run a round of advertisements during Double 11. You can choose to place media opening ads, or you can choose to co-create content with experts. Let's assume again that the CPM cost of the two methods is the same. Which way would you choose to spend your money?

If I were you, I would choose Talent Marketing. With the same budget, I bought the same traffic, is there any difference?

Users may chase after your online store and clear your inventory because of the recommendations of experts, but open-screen advertisements can only deepen users' memory of the brand.

It is unfair to only use PV and VV to measure traffic, because many intangible things cannot be counted in traffic. The traffic brought by the talent has something that other traffic does not have. That kind of thing is called trust.

3. "Native content" is better than "artistic content"

Why is the video shot by Daren with a mobile phone, without lighting, special effects, or scenery, but it has more communication power than the TVC that we shot hundreds of thousands of?

The "native content" produced by Daren creates a sense of reality.

Although this kind of "realism" is a little rough, it will make consumers feel the same. More realistic consumption scenarios can generate stronger driving force.

The "artistic content" produced by advertising companies creates a sense of fantasy.

This kind of dreaminess is separated from life, and the distance between consumers and consumers is widened, and the sense of distance will breed distrust. For example, a beautifully dressed beauty always makes people afraid to approach; the girl next door can become a close friend who can talk about everything.

4. Unleash creative capacity

We have entered the era of creative mass production. In no era, business has such an urgent thirst for content.

Thousands of people and thousands of advertisements make enterprises exhausted. Advertising companies are no longer able to eat such a large market. Enterprises need to use more and more creative agencies and creative individuals to improve their creative production capacity.

The advertising agency is responsible for the official content of the brand and produces PGC content. Looking up, companies still need to find content companies to produce OGC content and create more socially influential content; looking down, companies must also unite high-quality talents in various fields to produce PUGC content and lead the industry trend; Look, the company must mobilize the majority of users, produce UGC content, and detonate the entire volume of communication.

Among them, talent marketing has played a linking role.

The content of Daren is the extension of OGC and PGC content. The content extended by Daren can make those "great and positive" contents more native and more accessible to the people; Daren's content will also become a creative compass, leading the creation of UGC content Wind direction and user's creative desire.

5. Precipitate flow and form compound interest of flow

Why is traffic so criticized? Because the flow is like running water, it cannot be retained. If you blindly do bidding advertising, the growth will easily meet the ceiling, and users will gradually lose.

To turn traffic into "retention", the best way is to rely on content, and talent marketing is the easiest way to create content and accumulate traffic.

For example, if you want to advertise on Douyin in the news feed or bring goods live, it is often not a good idea to start it directly. Because users don't know you well, you have no trace of yourself on this platform.

But if you do a lot of talent marketing before selling the goods, the content created by the talent will settle down and accumulate brand reputation.

Content is not pure traffic, it will stay on the Internet forever, be searched, viewed, and pushed. The later stage, the higher the energy accumulated by the content.

The content is the soil, which can lock the water in the soil and eventually bloom, and talent marketing is the most fertile piece of land.

In a word, marketing is returning more and more to the value of "people", and the traffic with personality will eventually win. This is the reason and purpose of our marketing. Thinking about this, everyone will not be entangled when dividing the budget.

After clarifying why we should do talent marketing, the next step we need to solve is what kind of business purpose is to be achieved with talent marketing.


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