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What is YMYL-What changes did Google Medic Update make - SEO


What changes did Google Medic Update make? What is YMYL?

What is YMYL-What changes did Google Medic Update make. 

What he stands for is very simple, "Your Money or Your Life." In , it is a webpage related to life and property. In the future, GOOGLE will pay more attention to YMYL-related content.

  • You can learn more about YMYL and at

  1. Google's Penguin Algorithm (Site Quality)
  2.  Google Panda Algorithm (Site Quality)
  3. Google's Hummingbird Algorithm

Which are the YMYL web pages?

Although GOOGLE mentioned the word Money, what he said covered not just money. According to GOOGLE, any website page that can affect people's health, happiness, safety or finances belongs to the scope of YMYL . ymyl is an acronym

Although GOOGLE mentioned the word Money, what he said covered not just money. According to GOOGLE, any website page that can affect people's health, happiness, safety or finances belongs to the scope of YMYL.
For example:

  1. If your website or web page mentions stock related tips, it is the scope of YMYL.
  2. If you are blogging about parenting experiences or giving advice to other moms, it's the scope of YMYL.
  3. If your website has content about judging disease symptoms, it is also the scope of YMYL.

1. looking or money dealing pages:

YMYL web pages webpages that permit users to create purchases, transfer cash, pay bills, etc. on-line (such as on-line stores and on-line banking pages).

1. Shopping cart website or financial transaction page:
Web pages where users can buy goods, transfer money, pay bills, etc. online (such as online stores and online banks). ymyl your money . 

2. monetary info pages:

 webpages that offer recommendation or info regarding investments, taxes, retirement coming up with, home purchase, paying for faculty, shopping for insurance, etc.

2. Contents related to property:
ymyl stands There are pages on the site that provide advice and content on investing, taxation, retirement planning, buying a home, paying tuition, and planning an insurance policy.

3. Medical information pages:

webpages ( ymyl pages ) that provide advice or information about health, drugs, specific diseases or conditions, mental health, nutrition, etc.

3. Medical information content:
 belong to YMYL Pages that provide advice or information about health, medications, specific diseases or conditions, mental health, nutrition, etc.

4. News articles or public/official info pages necessary for having associate degree knowing citizenry: 

ymyl sites 

webpages that embody info regarding local/state/national government processes, policies, people, and laws; disaster response services; government programs and social services; news regarding necessary topics like international events, business, politics, science, and technology  ymyl stands for your money ; etc. Please use your judgment and data of your venue. detain mind that not all news articles square measure essentially thought of YMYL.

4. Web page information of news or public official information is very important to the people who need relevant information:

It contains information on local or national government processes, policies, people and laws; disaster relief services; government programs and social services; news on important topics such as international events, business, politics, science and technology; Judging by knowledge and the current environment, not all news articles are necessarily considered YMYL.

5. Other aspects:

You may also need to be aware of possible topics such as adoption of children, car safety, etc., and have to judge for yourself whether it is related to YMYL.

YMYL and Medic Update

Since GOOGLE has completed the update of YMYL and Medic, the related categories of websites that may be covered are currently being concerned by many SEO technicians. Although GOOGLE claims this is a broad core update, many related industries and website rankings have indeed been affected. Influence, especially on health and wellness-related websites, it can be confirmed that GOOGLE has indeed been updated, but GOOGLE has not confirmed this part, but if after big data analysis, it is confirmed that health, e-commerce, finance and Business.

In this way, many SEO-related technical personnel and marketers guess that the main purpose of GOOGLE is to crack down on the authority of all websites, so as to avoid certain websites from occupying too much influence and leading to misjudgment by the public.

what is ymyl

The extent of the impact of the Medic update on the YMYL page, what is YMYL - SEO, YMYL page, YMYL web

Quality assessment policy for YMYL web pages-SEO 

GOOGLE raises the rating criteria for pages with YMYL content because bad information can cause people financial, physical or emotional harm, but GOOGLE Search Quality Evaluators help search engines judge the quality of pages. But do you know who are the search quality raters? What do they do?

Simply put, GOOGLE has more than 10,000 search quality raters around the world, so GOOGLE can ensure that users can find the information they are looking for correctly when they search. These search quality raters do the actual searches and report on the quality of the results they get.

Specifically, they rate the quality of high-ranking search results, and the higher the quality, the more likely it is that GOOGLE search results will be adjusted to the pages people expect to see.

When those quality raters stumble upon a YMYL page, they rate it additionally, and when they do, they rate it more rigorously than other pages because of the impact the page is having.

YMYL web

So if you have a YMYL page and you want to improve your rankings, you need to do not only optimize its SEO, but you also need to make sure that quality raters actually like the content as well.


As mentioned above, quality raters have stricter rules for YMYL pages than other pages, one of which is EAT.

Expertise – is that the author of the piece associate skilled on the subject?
Professionalism - Is the author of this article an expert on the subject?

Authority – is that the author a well-recognized authority on the subject?

Authority - Is the author a recognized authority figure?

Trustworthiness – is the content accurate?
Trust - Is the trustworthiness of the content of the article high enough?

If you try to optimize an authority site and you don't notice the existence of these three rules, GOOGLE quality raters may give your page a "low quality" rating, and as a result, your site may be picked up from searches The top of the engine results page (SERP) disappears, however, it doesn't immediately affect your website rankings, Google uses the responses from quality raters to adjust search algorithms, they don't immediately affect results.

YMYL: Professionalism

The first thing you need to do is make sure you yourself are an expert in the field, that's one we've been doing, and one of the best ways is to do what you're already doing, publish content, position yourself on the subject Expert (SME) The content of the article you publish can itself prove that you have a good understanding of the subject area of ​​expertise, and people who browse your blog will say: wow! This author is an expert!" When they read your title and When browsing your articles, it's possible that some of them are GOOGLE Quality Guidelines Evaluators.

Also, brag about yourself on your homepage, if you have professional certifications? Share it with everyone, and if possible, use the standards organization's logo, Do you have an advanced degree? If it has to be mentioned, if you have a Ph.D., put it in, so that you are not just "Mr. Chen", you are "Dr. Chen", which will Easy to make you an expert in your field.

YMYL: Authority

Maybe you don't know, you can be an expert, but it doesn't mean that it's an authority, for example, someone may know most of the expertise in SEO, but maybe that person doesn't have a blog, never speaks at conferences, and never because of expertise And to be hired, it can be said that he is an expert but not an authority, experts have brains and influence, so once you establish yourself as an expert (see above), you need to establish yourself as an authority, which may For a little extra work, start by posting well-known companies you've worked for on your homepage, including compliments or quotes (preferably photos) for the work you've done for others. Next, please mention some of the speeches you have given at conferences related to the industry. If you don't have any short videos of speeches in your background, it's time to arrange some. First, see if there are opportunities for free speeches, of course. , you shouldn't expect to get paid for your first speech at the beginning, maybe someone will pay after a few speeches, if you progress in your speaking career to the point where you're a keynote speaker, then you've hit the jackpot, Be sure to identify yourself as a "speaker" on the blog, and finally, after getting recommendations from other key people, people will feel you are an authority when other popular people recommend your work.

YMYL: Trust

You also need to establish yourself and the website as a reliable source of information, and the simplest, don't make material mistakes in your web content! When you have incorrect information in an article, people will immediately shut you down Article webpage. Some of these people may be GOOGLE quality raters. Next, allow viewers to see your work and content. Nothing is more important than a willingness to let others judge the accuracy of their statements. Finally, if there is a case study relevant information, please include these case studies and explain how the advice you give others can solve their problems or make their lives better, but remember that you cannot use pseudonyms, use your personal or The real name of the business, so people can check for themselves if it is the real name.

Other highlights:

Next, let's review some fine-grained rules that will help your site build authority.

To keep information updated:

If you have a blog post about keyword research tools from four years ago, and you need to re-update it, that's because the best research tools have come out more in the past four years, if updated every six months or so For once, you'll be more likely to maintain a good ranking.

Build high-quality websites:

A poorly designed website or a website full of misinformation and 404 errors is the equivalent of saying to your viewers "a website you don't need to go through", so make sure your website looks great on any platform.

Purpose of creating a page:

Each (single page) article is usually best written on a single topic, of course there are exceptions to this rule (e.g., list pages), but as a rule of thumb, if an article tries to use too many topics at the same time, you can make them feel Confused, so write your expertise article with a single topic article.

Provides detailed, comprehensive content:

There's another rule of thumb: a long essay is more likely to make you an expert in your field than a short 500-word essay that thoroughly understands your area of ​​expertise and shares what you've learned from your studies, Show how you can get readers to trust your expertise articles.

Links to other specialist sites:

When you link to peer-reviewed articles or news articles written by other experts, it's a clear sign that you've done your homework, and GOOGLE quality raters take notice.

Provide instructions on how to apply the knowledge:

Don't just hype your knowledge, use your knowledge, specifically, tell people how to use the knowledge you share to make people's lives better.

Provide authorship resume:

At the bottom of your essay content, add your own resume description demonstrating your expertise in the subject, ideally including a professional portrait.

The address and phone number can be seen at any time:

Don't make readers look around for material to connect with you, keep it in a prominent place.

Notes on the YMYL website

How often is your website maintained and updated?

If the article is out of date, doesn't it rank well? If that's the case, shouldn't the article be re-updated? Also, need to regularly browse your website on different platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets, tablets, and smartphones) to make sure it's at its best state.

Are there correct and easily visible contact details on the web page?

If someone with a problem wants to contact you, is it easy for that person to find your way to contact you? If not, generate a "Contacts" page and include a link to that page in the header and footer.

Could anything on the article be considered deceptive?

Check if something on your site is trying to blind people, are you using irrelevant keywords to optimize the page? Are you intentionally stuffing keywords? Be sure to be honest with your readers, who will come back again and again to thank them.

Who is responsible for the content and structure of the website?

Do you have a point of contact for your website from a technical and content marketing perspective?

Is the content reputable and authoritative?

Put yourself in the shoes of a reader who looks at your website and reads your article, do they think it's well written? Do you think you are very knowledgeable? Why should readers trust you?

Use YMYL to inspect your web pages - SEO

As we have seen, YMYL pages are most heavily scrutinized in front-end rankings, if you own a website with this content, make sure you follow the above rules to ensure your SEO rankings.

What is YMYL-What changes did Google Medic Update make


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