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Affiliate Marketing Top 10 Niche Markets Ranked

The top 10 niches according to AM Navigator data (2020) are as follow. 

Taken from AMNavigator. 

Top 10 Good Affiliate Marketing Items

  1. Fashion (clothing, accessories, footwear)
  2. Sports & Outdoors (leisure, fitness, sportswear, fan merchandise)
  3. Health/Wellness & Beauty (supplements, health-related merchandise, weight loss, skincare)
  4. Travel (airfare , hotels, rental cars, etc.)
  5. Home & Garden (home furnishings, decor, kitchen, gardening, home decor)
  6. Computers & Electronics (computers, peripherals, ink, etc.)
  7. Education & Training (textbook rentals, and education related software)
  8. Business (supplies, office furniture, marketing tools, etc.)
  9. Finance & Insurance (checks, credit-related services, loans, insurance, ID protection)
  10. High-end and luxury stores

are not in this list of niches Market, don't be discouraged. It means that your target is a small specific market, so the possibility of competition is small or zero, and providing good content and information to visitors is the most important thing.

How Affiliate Marketing Promoters Work

  •  Facebook [Facebook]
  • Blogger website [Website]
  • Forum [Forum]
  • Instagram
  • Youtube Channel

As long as you can post an affiliate link, that's the best way to do it.

No matter which way you choose, the most important thing is to provide value to others. You have to get people to trust you enough to click on your ad, link or blog post.

Your two goals are:

  •   Build an audience. 
  •  Earn their trust.

Can affiliate marketing make a lot of money?

The answer is no limit.
There are no shortcuts to success. Your hard work and dedication will determine how much money you make.

Basically, you can earn a passive income of 1000-3000 US dollars a month. Basically, this passive income is considerable.

You won't make big money right away, but don't let that discourage you. As long as you put in the effort, put in the time, and have the right knowledge to give others what you've learned, it's possible for you to reach this level.

"Where the time is, the achievement is there"

Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam?

Affiliate marketing is not a scam.

It is not like a pyramid MLM, a money game that pulls people to make money.

It is similar to commission sales in traditional industries, closer to the commission system of a real estate salesperson, a car salesperson, or a sales manager.

"Doubt is what should be, and confirmation is the most important"

Does Affiliate Marketing Have a Future?

Many online e-commerce companies need affiliate marketing plans to improve their performance. If they can provide a mutually beneficial system, affiliate marketing will continue forever.

"The heart that never gives up is more precious than diamonds"


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