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Best Targeted Marketing Strategies seo services

 targeted marketing seo services

Targeted marketing is a new idea in marketing strategy. It is a kind of focus. It integrates resources (funds, talents, organizational forms, etc.) with targeted entry points in the early stage of product entry into the market, and then exerts efforts to win with lower marketing costs. Take a larger market effect. Targeted marketing is carried out on the premise of competition and combined with product value. It helps enterprises to quickly improve the market position of products with more precise target comparison. Targeted marketing starts from positioning, but positioning is not all of it.seo services

Best Targeted Marketing Strategies seo services

targeted marketing strategies

In a market dominated by competition, based on the premise of clear competition goals, find the weaknesses in the market operation of the target product (one or several, or even all competing products), formulate targeted marketing strategies, and integrate resources accordingly. The way the market is practiced, we call it targeted marketing. Targeted marketing clarifies the marketing objectives, shortens the product introduction cycle to the greatest extent and changes the rules of the game, and produces greater market effects through effective targeted strategies .

targeted marketing campaign examples

Resources: Targeted marketing strategy requires enterprises to integrate resources into specific competition platforms, play the guiding role of goals, and effectively concentrate resources to participate in competition. It can be divided into two parts, namely offensive resources and defensive resources. This distinction is to remind enterprises to pay attention to the dynamic nature of competition and to mobilize resources in time to deal with possible counterattacks from opponents, because after all, no competitor is stupid enough to be beaten willingly.

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Competitiveness and target marketing companies

The improvement of an enterprise's competitiveness is a gradual process, which cannot be accomplished overnight. It does not require enterprises (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) to be comprehensive, but to set and improve marketing management in a targeted manner according to the target situation. Taking the implementation of sexual marketing as an opportunity, we will focus on improving our comprehensive competitiveness. In addition, enterprises should also pay attention to grasp the degree of attack, try to avoid pushing opponents to a dead end, and seek to form a state of continuous competition and game with competitors, so as to jointly expand the market.

Product basis:

Targeted marketing is based on products, creating value for consumers that the target opponent cannot provide or providing greater value (including use value and psychological value) than the target opponent, not just an empty one. concept. Therefore, product innovation plays an important role in targeted marketing, and targeted marketing that is not based on products can only fail under the questioning of consumers and the attack of opponents.

Best Targeted Marketing Strategies

Targeted marketing needs to find the target and formulate a feasible targeted strategy through effective information collection and market analysis. It is not a single target in marketing communication. In addition to the product foundation, it also involves issues such as channels and price settings:

  • Up and down in communication:Targeted marketing includes several parts in the up and down of communication: First, advertising strategy, that is, the targeted positioning of valuable support will be spread in the form of advertising, and its own value proposition will be passed on to consumers while attacking opponents. The second is the public relations strategy, such as the rapid expansion of the scope of communication through press releases, causing disputes, etc., and matching with advertising to produce better results; The third is personnel promotion, training relevant promotion personnel to make them firmly grasp It can not only communicate with consumers directly, adjust strategies in a timely manner through relevant market feedback, but also effectively make up for the lack of high-altitude communication and multiply the effect.

  • Up and down the price: The price system setting of targeted marketing should not only take into account the price setting of competitors, but also take into account the possible confrontational price reduction and other factors. Acceptability, advertising costs, channel promotion costs and promotion space are used as reference indicators.

  • Up and down the channel: In the channel up and down, the channel strategy is formulated from the perspective of competition. First, analyze the channel situation of the target opponent, such as the profit of the opponent's products operated by the channel dealer, the opponent's channel control strength, distribution capability, and network coverage. Scope, etc., find the weak links of the opponent, and then formulate corresponding targeted channel strategies, enter quickly, strive for channel resources that meet the competition requirements in a short period of time, establish advantages, and win the initiative to exert force in the channel.
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